Lene Vibe

My studio in center of Copenhagen
Lene Vibe

In 1995 Lene Vibe began to work for Georg Jensen and after three years, she moved to Copenhagen, and became an apprentice, also for George Jensen. Lene took the four-year goldsmith course and opened her own store and wholesale business in 2002.

As a woman designing for other women, Lene believes that it’s not about the fashion of the moment, but, rather about wearing and buying what her clients believe they will love forever and, most importantly, what pieces will look good on them. She  handpicks all the  baroque South Sea, Keshi and Tahitian pearls as well as the antique cut natural colored diamonds, and precious stones she uses in her jewelry. Nothing is sketched first. Everything she creates takes place in her head and comes out through her hands.

Lene believe on an international level, women are looking for special more exclusive pieces. Her goal is to continue to create this type of jewelry and to educate women on the most intricate of details in her three dimensional gold work, the intrinsic beauty of the imperfections of pearls and the inherent character of rose and flat cut diamonds. “It’s these very imperfections, inclusions and rare qualities that breath life into my jewelry and will give them history and an heirloom quality in years to come.”